About Us

Other than our competitors we produce our wheels exclusively for high end luxury sports cars from Audi, BMW and Volkswagen. This kind of specialization brings various advantages:
VMR Wheels are designed to fit the same way original wheels do, without the need for installation kits or hub rings. You can continue to use your OEM lug bolts and we do offer perfect wheel sizes and offsets for your car in order to avoid the need of spacers. Another valued advantage is the possibility for Audi and BMW customers to install OEM centercaps for a perfectly discreet and professional appearance.

VMR Wheels are widely recognized by leading enthusiast communities and exported worldwide. From the research and development to the final manufacturing process, we leave nothing to guesswork. Our aim is to provide customers with unrivaled quality wheels at the highest level of customer service possible.
By interacting directly with car enthusiasts, we are able to bring to the market today’s wheel styles, fitments and colors which results in wheels that are truly appreciated by everyone. Additionally to our standard finishes Silver, Gunmetal and Black we also offer custom paintings and powdercoats - simply contact us and let us know what you are looking for.

Our wheels meet or exceed strength requirements set forth by JWL/VIA/SAE and are produced at ISO-9001:2000 certified facilities. Our entire wheel range is offered with a CH-Certification for Switzerland.
For our most important models and sizes we also do have a TUV certification available. Your safety is our priority. With load capacities above 800kg our wheels achieve a lot better strength test results than the industry standard would indicate. Our most famous design, the V710, even reaches 850kg - TUV approved.